*GIVEAWAY* Dorothy Love Joins Us With Her “Hickory Ridge” Series

UPDATE: Winner has been selected but please read this touching interview anyway. Today I have with me Dorothy Love. She is the author of the Hickory Ridge series, historical novels set in the beautiful Smoky Mountains region of her native Tennessee.  Her well-researched, heartwarming stories of small town Southern life, faith, friends, and family reflect the emotions, concerns,Continue reading “*GIVEAWAY* Dorothy Love Joins Us With Her “Hickory Ridge” Series”

BOOK REVIEW Constantly Craving (Thomas Nelson) By Marilyn Meberg

Constantly Craving (Thomas Nelson) By Marilyn Meberg explores the topic of why we never seem to be satisfied with what we have. Why do we want more? It’s not just because we live in a society where more is better. There’s something deeper to it. Here is the book description: Our cravings are written intoContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW Constantly Craving (Thomas Nelson) By Marilyn Meberg”

Book Review: Becoming a Person of Influence (Thomas Nelson)

NOTE: I had to change the title of this blog post because I was continuing to get spam because of the title. Book Review: Going Deep — Becoming a Person of Influence (Thomas Nelson) By Gordon MacDonald The tagline for this book is: The future of the Christian faith will not be determined by theContinue reading “Book Review: Becoming a Person of Influence (Thomas Nelson)”

Life Everlasting by Robert Whitlow

Robert Whitlow’s book Life Everlasting is the sequel to Life Support, a book in which Baxter Richardson is pushed off of a cliff by his wife, Rena, in the first chapter. Talk about a way to start off a book!!   Life Everlasting picks up where Life Support leaves off — yes, you’re left hanging,Continue reading “Life Everlasting by Robert Whitlow”