COTT’s 2015 Laurel Award Winner #amreading

2015 LAUREL AWARD WINNER! On September 2, 2015, The Bound Heart took home Clash of the Titles’s fifth annual Laurel Award. Over the course of six weeks, the novel’s first chapters were read and judged by avid readers of Christian fiction who determined The Bound Heart to be the worthiest to receive the  2015 Laurel Award. Clash of the Titles extendsContinue reading “COTT’s 2015 Laurel Award Winner #amreading”

Announcing the 2015 Laurel Award! #COTT #amreading

2015 LAUREL AWARD WINNER   Author Dawn Crandall’s novel The Bound Heart is the winner of Clash of the Titles’s fifth annual Laurel Award.   CONGRATULATIONS, DAWN!   Dawn will receive the following: a beautiful banner to display on her website; a year-long page on COTT dedicated to the winning book, The Bound Heart; a “HeartContinue reading “Announcing the 2015 Laurel Award! #COTT #amreading”