Three Books–One Winner! #Fiction #Giveaway

GIVEAWAY! Winner announced atClash of the Titles Wednesday, June 25, 2014   By entering the contest, you understand that: The books may arrive in Kindle, Nook, or paperback format, according to each author’s preference. Each author will send his/her book directly to the winner. COTT cannot be held responsible for prizes not received. Entry inContinue reading “Three Books–One Winner! #Fiction #Giveaway”

The Fall of Jerusalem–History Come to Life in “Rebekah’s Treasure”

A cross between Francine River’s A Voice in the Wind and Joel Rosenberg’s The Copper Scroll, Rebekah’s Treasure, with its combination of history and suspense, will capture readers right from the start. About Rebekah’s Treasure: Set in 70 A.D. Jerusalem, Rebekah’s Treasure takes readers to war-torn Israel, mixing history with a tale of love andContinue reading “The Fall of Jerusalem–History Come to Life in “Rebekah’s Treasure””

Fiction: COTT Presents Intriguing January Releases-Vote Now

In the Winter Doldrums between Post-Valentine’s Day and Easter,  we all need a little pick-me-up. We at COTT are pleased to present these amazing stories for you—from Biblical times to World War Two to Witness Protection to Dramatic subjects—something to intrigue every reader.   Check out the following New Releases. Which one is calling youContinue reading “Fiction: COTT Presents Intriguing January Releases-Vote Now”