Turning Point – Young Adult Box Set for $.99!

My good friend Nicole O’Dell and some other YA authors have put together an amazing deal that you just have to hear about. They’ve released an ebook anthology of seven full-length novels for only .99. Yes, all seven full-length, inspirational, young-adult novels come in a single e-book download for only .99! The genres range fromContinue reading “Turning Point – Young Adult Box Set for $.99!”

It’s Your Chance to Choose NOW!

As many of you know, I’m a columnist with Choose NOW Ministries. I contribute two articles a month. One for teens and one for parents of teens. Having raised two teenagers, I know what it’s like to deal with the ups and downs of parenting these sometimes alien-like creatures. I wish I had known earlierContinue reading “It’s Your Chance to Choose NOW!”

What’s Up with My Blog?

You may have noticed that lately I have been hosting an assortment of authors on my blog. I’ve been hosting people like Jack Cavanaugh, Creston Mapes, Nicole O’Dell, Regina Jennings, and Catherine West. There are many more to come! Perhaps you think I’ve stopped writing and I’ve turned into the journalist I say I always wanted to be. Nope!Continue reading “What’s Up with My Blog?”

Meet Nicole O’Dell, Author of The Embittered Ruby – GIVEAWAY!

Today I want to introduce you to Nicole O’Dell. She is offering a giveaway of her new book so please leave a comment below (with your email address). We have to have at least ten people in order to have a giveaway, so invite your friends to read! Okay Nicole, tell us a little about yourself.Continue reading “Meet Nicole O’Dell, Author of The Embittered Ruby – GIVEAWAY!”