Day 7: Friday #missiontrip to #Jamaica comes to an end

We’re coming home! Please say a prayer as we fly from Jamaica to Orlando and then home! I’m sure we’re exhausted and overwhelmed and blessed to overflowing by now! I’ll share all about the trip as soon as I get home. Thanks for all the prayers! Here’s my favorite song. Enjoy!

Day 3-6: Monday-Thursday #missiontrip to #Jamaica

Happy Monday! By now we’re up on the mountain and will be going up there multiple times before the week is over. If all goes according to plan, Kayla and I will be helping with Vacation Bible School with part of the team and the other team will be doing building projects. Kayla will alsoContinue reading “Day 3-6: Monday-Thursday #missiontrip to #Jamaica”

Day 2: Sunday #missiontrip to #Jamaica

Prayers are appreciated as we begin the second day of travel. We meet up with the team this morning and begin our journey to Jamaica. By late afternoon, we should be in the mountains visiting the church in the town we’ll be ministering to this week. Please pray for safe travels up and down theContinue reading “Day 2: Sunday #missiontrip to #Jamaica”

Day 1: Saturday #missiontrip to #Jamaica begins

Today begins my mission trip to Jamaica with my daughter and Genesis Church in Orlando. We appreciate your prayers for traveling mercies. This is my first time flying in twelve years so I’m in for an adventure! I’m praying that we’ll have a sweet mother-daughter time as we go to this place of poverty toContinue reading “Day 1: Saturday #missiontrip to #Jamaica begins”