Embracing The #Publishing Whirlwind by @novelistjack

Today’s guest is my buddy, Jack Cavanaugh. He’s here to talk about embracing the whirlwinds in life. While today’s post is focused on his writing journey, I believe you’ll see that it’s also about the faith journey. When I read the tagline for his new book, The Arm of God, it kind of knocked meContinue reading “Embracing The #Publishing Whirlwind by @novelistjack”

What’s Up with My Blog?

You may have noticed that lately I have been hosting an assortment of authors on my blog. I’ve been hosting people like Jack Cavanaugh, Creston Mapes, Nicole O’Dell, Regina Jennings, and Catherine West. There are many more to come! Perhaps you think I’ve stopped writing and I’ve turned into the journalist I say I always wanted to be. Nope!Continue reading “What’s Up with My Blog?”

Inspiring Heroes Inspire Readers by Jack Cavanaugh

Today, I introduce you to Jack Cavanaugh, novelist extraordinaire. I met Jack in 2003 at the Christian Writers Guild Writing for the Soul writers conference. He was an instructor of one of the classes I took and I have never forgotten the things I learned there. He has the kindest nature and doesn’t mind answeringContinue reading “Inspiring Heroes Inspire Readers by Jack Cavanaugh”