Dreams Interrupted By @KathyIde

Dreams Interrupted By Guest Kathy Ide We all have cherished dreams and goals. We make detailed plans and then put in the time, effort, and sometimes money to make them happen, with the expectation that our plans will enable us to achieve our goals and realize our dreams. And then life happens. Twenty years ago, IContinue reading “Dreams Interrupted By @KathyIde”

August New Releases #ClashoftheTitles

Clash of the Titles presents four brand new inspirational novels. One’s set in a Bible camp for tweens or the tweens in your lives. Hopes and dreams are threatened in another. In the third, a town’s in need of a miracle. Two people work to cure a deadly disease in the fourth. Which one willContinue reading “August New Releases #ClashoftheTitles”

The Long and Winding Road

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a published author. I dreamed from an early age about having my books on bookstore shelves. I wanted to take writing classes but my family couldn’t afford them. This was before the age of home computers and the Internet. Information on how to writeContinue reading “The Long and Winding Road”