#BookReview Moms’ Night Out Devotional by @KerriPom

Just in time for the Moms’ Night Out movie is the Moms’ Night Out devotional. My kids are grown now so it’s been quite a number of years since I’ve felt starved for a night out with my hubby or a night out with my girlfriends. But the memories of those times don’t leave! ThisContinue reading “#BookReview Moms’ Night Out Devotional by @KerriPom”

Nicole O’Dell and Powerline365 *Giveaway*

I have a special guest today! Nicole O’Dell joins us. She is the force behind Choose NOW Ministries, which is where I blog twice a month on purity. Nicole has a wonderful heart for families and I’m proud to be a part of her ministry. You’re going to enjoy what she’s got to say today,Continue reading “Nicole O’Dell and Powerline365 *Giveaway*”