#Fiction #BookReview: Sky Zone by @CrestonMapes

Okay, I’m officially a superfan of Creston Mapes, and I hope he writes a million more stories! That’s how wonderful Sky Zone is! Sky Zone is the third book in the Jack Crittendon series. Jack started out in book one, Fear Has a Name, as a local reporter who wasn’t walking with God quite like heContinue reading “#Fiction #BookReview: Sky Zone by @CrestonMapes”

#Fiction Book #Review: Poison Town by @CrestonMapes

Poison Town by Creston Mapes is as addicting as Fear has a Name, the first book in this series about Jack Crittendon, local reporter. Yes, there’s suspicion that a manufacturing plant is manufacturing an illegal product and that it’s poisoning the townsfolk who live nearby. But “there’s more than one kind of poison in thisContinue reading “#Fiction Book #Review: Poison Town by @CrestonMapes”

Interview – Creston Mapes, author of Fear Has a Name @CrestonMapes #giveaway

Today, best selling author Creston Mapes joins us again! I’m super excited about sharing his books with you all. I’m currently reading his latest one, Fear Has a Name, and it’s awesome! Creston has generously offered to give away two copies of Fear Has a Name! So make sure to leave a comment for himContinue reading “Interview – Creston Mapes, author of Fear Has a Name @CrestonMapes #giveaway”

What’s Up with My Blog?

You may have noticed that lately I have been hosting an assortment of authors on my blog. I’ve been hosting people like Jack Cavanaugh, Creston Mapes, Nicole O’Dell, Regina Jennings, and Catherine West. There are many more to come! Perhaps you think I’ve stopped writing and I’ve turned into the journalist I say I always wanted to be. Nope!Continue reading “What’s Up with My Blog?”

Interview with Creston Mapes, Author of “Nobody”, an Amazon Best Seller – Comment for a FREE BOOK!!

I recently had the honor of interviewing Creston Mapes, an Amazon Best Selling author. Creston is an author who is on fire for the Lord, wanting to shine like a beacon to the world. Focus on Fiction says: “Riveting…an author to keep your eye on.” Best-Selling Author Bill Myers says: “…One serious roller coaster ride.Continue reading “Interview with Creston Mapes, Author of “Nobody”, an Amazon Best Seller – Comment for a FREE BOOK!!”