Clash of the Titles’s First Feature and Giveaway of 2014!

It’s a new year, full of new books! But you can make Christmas last a little longer by enjoying Carlene Havel’s latest novel, “A Sharecropper’s Christmas.”  Also, help COTT ring in the New Year by entering our giveaway for a chance at three novels! Entry instructions can be found at the conclusion of Carlene’s guest article. Enjoy!  Continue reading “Clash of the Titles’s First Feature and Giveaway of 2014!”

Ringing in the holidays with some GREAT reads!

We’re winding down the year here at COTT with some amazing reads and wonderful authors. Can you believe 2013 is right at the edge of over? And, for avid readers, what better way to celebrate than with a riveting read? Check ‘em out! Then use the voting box below to let us know which of these five choices ringsContinue reading “Ringing in the holidays with some GREAT reads!”

Clash of the Titles’s Birthday Giveaway

Besides giving away a fantastic  Birthday Bundle of Books, Clash of the Titles is showcasing another  can’t-pass-it-up new release. Soul of the Rose by Ruth Trippy ABOUT THE BOOK: “And the soul of the rose went into my blood…” This line from a Tennyson poem enchants young Celia Thatcher, who supposes every woman’s heart hopesContinue reading “Clash of the Titles’s Birthday Giveaway”

COTT’s March 2013 Winner

The winner of Clash of the Titles’ latest Clash is: Forsaken Dreams by MaryLu Tyndall Congratulations, MaryLu, two-time clash winner! Special thanks to her competitors for their participation: Sadie and Sophie Cuffe Gina Holmes Christine Lindsey Noelle Marchand About Forsaken Dreams:  They Left Everything Behind to Build a New Southern Utopia Colonel Blake Wallace hasContinue reading “COTT’s March 2013 Winner”