Merry Reading Stocking Stuffer Christmas Clash! #amreading #COTT

The Happiest of Holiday Reading to you! This month we share five books and seven authors with you — some old friends and some new. Voting starts today, December 9 and goes through Midnight December 15, CST. Vote now and leave the authors a word of encouragement both here and on the survey form. ShareContinue reading “Merry Reading Stocking Stuffer Christmas Clash! #amreading #COTT”

Song of the Tree–An Inspiring Contemporary Allegory

This week, Clash of the Titles is featuring a rare genre– contemporary allegory.  If you’ve been itching for something different, this one should do it! The Song of the Tree contains a message that applies to each of us at some point in our lives. It moves the God-seeker from fist shaking stance, down toContinue reading “Song of the Tree–An Inspiring Contemporary Allegory”