Featuring: Mail Order Surprise by Lucy Thompson #amreading #COTT

PURCHASE Amazon About the book: Colorado, 1881. Lydia Walsh is on the run. The quiet rancher she marries and expected to find safety and protection with turns out to have three siblings, next to nothing to live on, and is a crack shot who may or may not be one of the states best cattleContinue reading “Featuring: Mail Order Surprise by Lucy Thompson #amreading #COTT”

Going for Gold with “Red Gold”

Red Gold,  winner of Clash of the Titles’s April Clash!   What COTT voters had to say about this month’s winner: “Reading Red Gold by Sandy Nadeau gave me a much needed ‘vacation’! The faith story was heart-filling…and the adventure carried me to the mountains. Thanks, Sandy, for sharing your talent with the rest ofContinue reading “Going for Gold with “Red Gold””

When Mountains Move, a novel of tragedy and triumph

“If you haven’t yet read Julie Cantrell’s best-selling debut novel, Into the Free, you should probably get after that. If you’re wondering why, check out [this] review or [this] interview with this stunning new literary talent. Done? OK. If you haven’t gone over to your favorite retailer and “clicked to purchase” Into the Free yet, I’ll giveContinue reading “When Mountains Move, a novel of tragedy and triumph”