@AneMulligan and the Fresh Taste of Small Town Life

Bestselling author Ane Mulligan is here tell us about her debut novel about best friends in small-town life. Heartwarming and humorous, Chapel Springs Revival will drop you into the midst of aLet’s chat with main character Claire. I’ve heard you are the one who spearheaded the reviving of Chapel Springs. Is that true? Are youContinue reading “@AneMulligan and the Fresh Taste of Small Town Life”

COTT’S September Releases Clash

Welcome to the September clash!! Five new books for your bookshelf this month! From suspense to humor, these books are the newest addition to CBA. Which one lands at the top of your to-be-read pile? Based on what you see below, please choose the book that grabs you–the one you’d read first. Cast your voteContinue reading “COTT’S September Releases Clash”