Series Feature: The Hawk and the Dove

Welcome Penelope Wilcock! Clash of the Titles is proud to feature The Hawk and the Dove series by¬†English writer Penelope Wilcock! With the first books written in the early 90s and the remainder published 20 years later, the Hawk and the Dove ¬†series has captivated readers for decades. Set centuries ago, these books offer anContinue reading “Series Feature: The Hawk and the Dove”

Sensational September 2012 Releases

**Guest post by Michelle Massaro For most of us around the country, Fall is in the air. In Southern California we’re still seeing temps in the 90s, but hey–I say Autumn is a state of mind. And I’m ready for comfy sofas, hot cider, and a great new book to curl up with. Oh, andContinue reading “Sensational September 2012 Releases”