Cara C. Putman joins us today to talk about her latest book, Shadowed by Grace. Cara, Shadowed by Grace involves a unique group of soldiers dedicated to saving art and architecture during WWII. What got you interested in the Monuments Men? It was one of those God moments. I have deep respect and admiration for theContinue reading “SHADOWED BY GRACE by Cara C. Putman”

Cara C. Putman Returns! *GIVEAWAY!!*

Last week I shared with you the lovely ladies of Cherry Blossom Capers. Today, Cara C. Putman returns to tell us about her love of writing and about her new novel, A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island. Cara, we are already a bit familiar with you but my readers would like to know more. WereContinue reading “Cara C. Putman Returns! *GIVEAWAY!!*”

Interview with the authors of CHERRY BLOSSOM CAPERS *Giveaway*

If you haven’t read Cherry Blossom Capers, you’re in for a treat. Please read this interview with two of the authors, Cara C. Putman, Gina Conroy, regarding what it was like to work together to write the four novellas State Secrets, Dying for Love, Buried Deception, and Coffee, Tea and Danger. Leave a comment below with your email address for aContinue reading “Interview with the authors of CHERRY BLOSSOM CAPERS *Giveaway*”