Finding Hope in Barely above Water @Hopefulwords #amreading

  An illness comes of out nowhere and strikes Suzie Morris. Her boyfriend dumps her. She has no living family, and her physician can’t diagnose the malady. Suzie relies on her Christian faith as she faces the uncertainty of the disease, and turns to a renowned alternative doctor in Destin, Florida. She takes a jobContinue reading “Finding Hope in Barely above Water @Hopefulwords #amreading”

COTT Spotlight on: Diamonds or Donuts

by: Michelle Massaro Good morning! I’m very excited to have Lucie Ulrich with us here today to tell us about her new release, Diamonds or Donuts. First, isn’t this such a fun cover? Wow! Blurb: Sarah Alexander’s marriage to millionaire Logan Montgomery is put on hold when Logan is offered the opportunity to go onContinue reading “COTT Spotlight on: Diamonds or Donuts”

COTT Announces Winner of 2015 Olympia!

by Michelle Massaro Good morning, lovers of the written word! We have some big news to share today: The Olympia has a winner! Please give a virtual hand to Kelly Goshorn!!   Bio Kelly Goshorn is an aspiring novelist currently masquerading as a virtual assistant and a Target cashier who believes everybody needs a little moreContinue reading “COTT Announces Winner of 2015 Olympia!”

Introducing Caryl McAdoo’s latest title, Hope Reborn!

by Michelle Massaro     Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to author Caryl McAdoo and her newest release Hope Reborn. (Look at that sassy expression, and that billowy feather in the heroine’s hat. She’s got to be up to something!) {About Hope Reborn} Dime novelist May Meriwether decides a Texas Ranger willContinue reading “Introducing Caryl McAdoo’s latest title, Hope Reborn!”

COTT’s December Clash Victory Goes To…

KINSALE KISSES Congratulations, Elizabeth Maddrey! Kinsale Kisses received enough votes to claim the win! This clash received more votes than any other clash in COTT history. So we offer a big thank-you and a standing ovation to each of our contestants: Rachel A James with The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia, Heather Gray with Queen, JulieContinue reading “COTT’s December Clash Victory Goes To…”

Winner of the August New Releases Clash

  Thanks to all of our participants for their wonderful submissions. Congratulations to Our Winner! Having his younger sister at camp was a pain, but Taylor Dixon never expected the pain to go so deep. At 15, Taylor dreams of getting his driver’s license and driving racecars when he’s older. Only his younger sister, Marissa,Continue reading “Winner of the August New Releases Clash”

COTT’s May Clash Results #amreading #fiction

The results of the Clash are IN. Drum roll please…. And the winner is…. A Bridge Unbroken a Miller’s Creek Novelby Cathy Bryant Congratulations, Cathy! And a big congrats also to our other participants. Thank you for playing! Nancy Kimball with Chasing the Lion, Richard Mabry with Critical Condition, Sharon Srock with Pam, and KatieContinue reading “COTT’s May Clash Results #amreading #fiction”

Lacy Williams’s Return of the Cowboy Doctor

It’s February, the month of romance! So here’s a book to make your heart go pitter-patter. Lacy Williams’s Return of the Cowboy Doctor was one of our January runner-ups. Today I am thrilled to give you a closer look! ~~~ PURCHASE BOOK About the Book Two years shy of his medical degree, cowboy Maxwell WhiteContinue reading “Lacy Williams’s Return of the Cowboy Doctor”

Lucy, Jeanie, and Angels–In One Delightful Package!

  Comparable to Lucy Ricardo, Sarah from today’s featured novel finds herself in madcap situations—most of them of her own making! A salad toss of “I Love Lucy,” “I Dream of Jeanie,” and “Touched by an Angel,” “Sarah and the Widow’s Mate” is sure to tickly your funny bone.     “Sarah and the Widow’sContinue reading “Lucy, Jeanie, and Angels–In One Delightful Package!”

Youth Fiction With a Timely Message

For all those who need to unplug from our high tech world, Clash of the Titles presents a novel about reconnecting with those dearest to us, about turning off the cellphone and living in reality. Although written from the perspective of a new teen, Edna in the Desert applies to all ages. About Edna inContinue reading “Youth Fiction With a Timely Message”