Husband and Wife Team up to Write Christian Fiction

Danny and Wanda Pelfrey are longtime writers of non-fiction books in the educational and inspiration markets. They have for most of their lives been avid readers of mystery/suspense. AS A SHIELD and a previous mystery title are the result of a desire to entertain themselves and others as well as drive home important spiritual messages.Continue reading “Husband and Wife Team up to Write Christian Fiction”

Mysteries with a Message #amreading #BYNR

This week we have a special treat! Author Judith Rolfs has been published in every genre. As an author and professional marriage and family counselor, Judith focuses on motivating people to live their best lives – emotionally, physically and spiritually. In her thirties, she researched the complexity of the natural world and moved from agnosticismContinue reading “Mysteries with a Message #amreading #BYNR”

Behind the Scenes of Shoba Sadler’s CHILD OF DUST

  Today we’ll sit down to chat with Shoba Sadler, author of the contemporary title Child of Dust. Shoba will take us behind the scenes of her unique new novel and give us a glimpse into her writing. Shoba, why did you choose to write this type of novel? Social status and cultural barriers makesContinue reading “Behind the Scenes of Shoba Sadler’s CHILD OF DUST”

Inspiring Minds Want to Know: Spotlight on Annette O’Hare #amreading

Authors get stories from so many different places and experiences. It’s always interesting to discover where the inspiration comes from. Today, we’ll hear from debut author, Annette O’Hare. Her historical romance, Northern Light has already garnered some terrific reviews!   From the first sentence to the book’s stunning conclusion, Annette O’Hare’s brilliant first novel NorthernContinue reading “Inspiring Minds Want to Know: Spotlight on Annette O’Hare #amreading”