WhenLoveMustWaitFrontWhen Love Must Wait – A Victorian Inspirational Romance

Book Three in the Hope of the South Series

Will a marriage of convenience quiet God’s call or will a former love interest’s homecoming only revive it?

Annabelle’s heart is as drought-stricken as the creek beds of Marietta, Georgia. After a devastating loss, she turns her back on missions work and forges ahead to a marriage of convenience. She’ll do whatever God wants and whatever her betrothed allows—as long as it’s from the safety of her community. Marriage to Jarrett MacKaye, the town’s copper supplier, is her perfect escape. Until Luke Cavanaugh comes home…

Leaving behind a tragic past, Luke returns home for a respite after four years out West. His feelings rekindle for Annabelle, whom he let go years before, but she belongs to someone else now. Although he’ll never win her love, he challenges her to embrace all that her life can be. He wants to help her unearth the secrets of her heart—yet keep his own secrets buried deep.

Annabelle is afraid to leave the safety of her community. Luke is too restless to stay. When storms hit Marietta and its surrounding cities, they must embrace their faith in God and trust each other in order to revive their struggling town and their withered hearts.

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