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Welcome to Sherri’s Launch Team Application!

You have found your way to this page because you either already like my books, you’re curious about them because you’ve heard other readers talking about them or you simply found them on Amazon in the Romantic Suspense category. Either way, thank you for your interest in becoming a member of my launch team. I am honored that you would want to support me and my books in this way.

One of the first requirements of becoming one of my launch team members is that you must enjoy Christian fiction. And more specifically, Christian Romantic Suspense, since that’s where I’m currently camped out.

By becoming a member of my launch team, you will receive ebook ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of my new releases, a paperback of the book when it releases, and you’ll be eligible for lots of insider information about upcoming stories–and maybe even help me name characters or towns in my books!

What does a book launch team do?

A launch team spreads the word about my new books!

How? Members leave reviews on their blogs, Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub and social media sites, sharing with their circle of friends their opinions about my stories.

As a member of my team, you will be my early readers, my insiders, my most enthusiastic fans. You will know about my new characters, stories and settings before the rest of the world does! And there will be other perks too!

What am I looking for in a launch team member?

  • An enthusiastic desire to spread the word about my stories
  • Availability to read a new release one to two months before the book goes live
  • A circle of influence and friendly place to share about my stories and your thoughts on them
  • A willingness to leave reviews on retailer sites, if you like them. If you don’t, then you don’t need to share.

Early readers don’t often understand the importance of leaving reviews. But it can be so very important to the success of a book. Authors appreciate launch team members who are willing to spread the word, and I appreciate you!

You are also invited to pin my book covers on your Pinterest boards, share my book cover on social media with popular book hashtags, ask your local library or church library to carry my books, direct people to my website and social media pages, share your favorite book quotes, purchase copies of my books for Christmas and birthday gifts, recommend my books to your book club or other book clubs and more!

Anything you do in addition to leaving reviews is an added blessing.

Connect with me on Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub. You can also share reviews of my books there!

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