Have you got an idea for a book but you don’t know how to get from A to Z (Idea to THE END)? Have you got questions galore and you just need to chat with someone who knows the ins and outs of the publishing world? Fret no more!

A 30-minute or 1-hour coaching session with me may be exactly what you need.
I’ve been writing for most of my adult life, have Indie published six novels and several non-fiction books, am traditionally published and have worked with agents, authors and speakers. I can help you find your path to publication–or at least help you get that book written by helping you put goals in place which will set you up for success. Maybe you just need help with your writing schedule or with shortcuts to help you get the book written. Let me help!
If you’re ready to self-publish but you don’t know where to begin with Amazon, I can help you with that process too! I’m also proficient with WordPress and several email subscriber platforms, so I can answer questions you may have about your website/blog and newsletters/subscriber lists.
Sometimes, all you need is an objective perspective and a listening ear. Let me be that for you!
Coaching is done by phone. We’ll first communicate via email so I can learn about you and know what your writing/publishing goals are.
30-minute session: $50
1-hour session: $95
Packages available if you’d like to book several sessions two weeks apart.

Use the contact form if you’d like to speak with Sherri about her services.


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