3 Great Books I’ve Read Lately #amreading

I don’t have much time to read these days, but I’m trying to carve out little snippets of time in my day to do it, because reading is one of my favorite pastimes (aside from writing). To tell you just how far behind I am on my TBR pile, the first book listed below hadContinue reading “3 Great Books I’ve Read Lately #amreading”

Standing on the Promises

I’ve been feeling kind of dry lately. Not as in wit, or like a dry sense of humor. Just dry. Spiritually dry. 2015 was a tough year for my family and had it not been for my 365 Days of God’s Promises project I did here on the blog and for my church, my friends and family, itContinue reading “Standing on the Promises”

Books I’ve Recently Read #amreading @KathiLipp @LindiPeterson @brandyhei

I’ve been spending most of my free time over the last couple of months working on projects around the house. I scanned all the photographs in my photo albums into my computer and threw out those bulky books. I’ve also spent most nights and weekends since Christmas playing around on Ancestry.com having a blast findingContinue reading “Books I’ve Recently Read #amreading @KathiLipp @LindiPeterson @brandyhei”

#BookReview Clutter Free by @KathiLipp #ClutterFreeBook #minimalist

Even if you don’t think you have clutter, read this book! I didn’t think I had clutter, and I really didn’t have much, but I sure did have a lot of things that I’d hung on to for sentimental reasons. I ended up having eleven bags of things to donate to charity and about sixContinue reading “#BookReview Clutter Free by @KathiLipp #ClutterFreeBook #minimalist”

#BookReview – Emissary by Thomas Locke #RevellReads @RevellBooks

In a world where magic has been outlawed for centuries, one young man discovers that he possesses powers beyond his wildest dreams. But he does not realize how pivotal this gift will be in the days to come. Emissary is Book 1 in the Legends of the Realm series. The main character in this book,Continue reading “#BookReview – Emissary by Thomas Locke #RevellReads @RevellBooks”

#BookReview – Surprised by Love by @julielessman #amreading

What can I say? It’s Julie Lessman. She’s a sweetheart of a woman and a delightful writer. It’s no surprise that her latest book, Surprised by Love, is a hit! Here’s a little about the book: From Ugly Duckling to Swimming with the Swans … but is she over her head when it comes toContinue reading “#BookReview – Surprised by Love by @julielessman #amreading”

Book Review: At Bluebonnet Lake by @AmandaJoyCabot #amreading

“The last thing Kate Sherwood needs is a man, so why is she so drawn to the handsome handyman at the Rainbow’s End resort?” This is the tagline for the book and is a perfect clue about what’s going to happen At Bluebonnet Lake. Kate visits Rainbow’s End resort with her grandmother for a month-longContinue reading “Book Review: At Bluebonnet Lake by @AmandaJoyCabot #amreading”

Book Review: #TheWomanCode by @IAmSophiaNelson #UnlockYourLife

I just finished reading The Woman Code by Sophia A. Nelson, which offers 20 Powerful Keys to Unlock Your Life. Sophia offers encouragement and challenges in this book to get you motivated for success. Women tend to look at their friends and husbands/boyfriends (or all men in general) for validation and purpose. We forget thatContinue reading “Book Review: #TheWomanCode by @IAmSophiaNelson #UnlockYourLife”

5 Star Reviews for To Laugh Once More! #bookreview #ebook

To Laugh Once More is five weeks old now and the reviews are starting to come in! I’m so honored to get these affirming words from readers. Here’s what folks are saying: “I loved this sequel to “To Dance Once More.” Sherri’s characters are so real that by the time I get to the endContinue reading “5 Star Reviews for To Laugh Once More! #bookreview #ebook”

#BookReview The Daughter of Highland Hall by @carrieturansky #amreading

The Daughter of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky picks up where The Governess of Highland Hall leaves off. Katherine Ramsey has just come of age and is stepping into her first season as a debutante in London. You think one night of going to the prom is nerve-racking? Imagine day after day of appointments, teas,Continue reading “#BookReview The Daughter of Highland Hall by @carrieturansky #amreading”