Teen Debut Author, Kaylie Hathaway!

Kaylie Hathaway joins us today. She is a fellow OakTara author! She is a teen with a passion for writing novels of all genres and poems of all lengths. When she was twelve years old, a poem of hers was published on an online magazine. Since then, she has thrown herself into the writing worldContinue reading “Teen Debut Author, Kaylie Hathaway!”

Homeschooling Success Can Be Yours!

Is your homeschooling experience turning out to be more stressful than you anticipated? Is there a little more friction and a little less joy than what you thought you signed up for? Maybe you’re even wondering if it’s time to send your children to school. Maybe this homeschooling thing just isn’t for you. If that’sContinue reading “Homeschooling Success Can Be Yours!”