Book Review — Ten Days Without by Daniel Ryan Day

I just finished reading Ten Days Without by Daniel Ryan Day. This book opened my eyes to suffering all over the world that I’d never given thought to before. I am preparing for my first mission trip and when I saw this book listed on the Blogging for Books program, I knew it would beContinue reading “Book Review — Ten Days Without by Daniel Ryan Day”

With Autumn’s Return by Amanda Cabot

Today’s guest is Amanda Cabot. She’s here to share about her new book, With Autumn’s Return.  From the time that she was seven, Amanda Cabot dreamed of becoming a published author, but it was only when she set herself the goal of selling a book by her thirtieth birthday that the dream came true.  AContinue reading “With Autumn’s Return by Amanda Cabot”


Cara C. Putman joins us today to talk about her latest book, Shadowed by Grace. Cara, Shadowed by Grace involves a unique group of soldiers dedicated to saving art and architecture during WWII. What got you interested in the Monuments Men? It was one of those God moments. I have deep respect and admiration for theContinue reading “SHADOWED BY GRACE by Cara C. Putman”

Dating like Airplanes — Book Review

Why Fall In Love When You Can Fly? That’s what Caleb Breakey asks in his book Dating like Airplanes. I wish I had had something like this when I was a teen and young adult. I could have spared myself a ton of heart-grief. Dating like Airplanes talks about how we typically fall in loveContinue reading “Dating like Airplanes — Book Review”

Nicole O’Dell and Powerline365 *Giveaway*

I have a special guest today! Nicole O’Dell joins us. She is the force behind Choose NOW Ministries, which is where I blog twice a month on purity. Nicole has a wonderful heart for families and I’m proud to be a part of her ministry. You’re going to enjoy what she’s got to say today,Continue reading “Nicole O’Dell and Powerline365 *Giveaway*”

My Titus 2 Project for the New Year!

To end 2013, I offer you another installment of my Titus 2 Project. The Introduction and Part One are up and available for you to read, if you’re bored tonight! If not, Happy New Year and happy reading! Last month, I introduced you to the women in my family who have inspired me and guidedContinue reading “My Titus 2 Project for the New Year!”

A Mustard Seed Amount of Faith

A little over twelve weeks ago, I started a new Bible study with my ladies at church called Seeking Him: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. The study started out by defining what revival actually is. For those of us who grew up in church, we immediately thought about the once-a-yearContinue reading “A Mustard Seed Amount of Faith”

My Titus 2 Project – Part One

A few weeks ago, I promised to share with you who the Titus 2 women are in my life. If you missed my introduction to this project, please read it now:  My Titus 2 Project – Introduction I find that there have been so many influential women in my life throughout the years and evenContinue reading “My Titus 2 Project – Part One”

Is Your Manuscript as Unique as You?

Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (NIV) We know from scripture that we are knitted together in our mother’s wombs and that we are uniquely created. Now it’s true that some of us share the same skin color and the same eyeContinue reading “Is Your Manuscript as Unique as You?”

My Titus 2 Project – Introduction

I’ve been a Christian since I was six years old. I grew up with a good many religious rules that were intended to keep me on the straight and narrow (and they did for the most part). But as I’ve aged, I’m afraid these rules have caused me to be a bit of a PhariseeContinue reading “My Titus 2 Project – Introduction”