Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Catherine West

Catherine West is a friend of mine and fellow OakTara author. It is my pleasure to share with you her book, Yesterday’s Tomorrow. Yesterday’s Tomorrow Vietnam, 1967. Independent, career-driven journalist Kristin Taylor wants two things: to honor her father’s memory by becoming an award-winning overseas correspondent and to keep tabs on her only brother, Teddy,Continue reading “Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Catherine West”

Fatal Reality by Jonathan Wakefield

In an effort to spread the word about OakTara’s authors, I’d like to introduce you to Jonathan Wakefield, Christian writer.  His new book is entitled Fatal Reality. This story will make you think about reality shows in a whole new way!     FATAL REALITY: In this race only the winner will be allowed toContinue reading “Fatal Reality by Jonathan Wakefield”


I recently asked Erica Vetsch author of A Bride’s Portrait and many other books (Heartsong Presents and Barbour Books) to tell me how her faith influences her writing. This lovely lady has a heart for the Lord and a desire to bring others closer to Him through her writing. Although I have never met herContinue reading “INTERVIEW WITH ERICA VETSCH ABOUT HOW HER FAITH INFLUENCES HER WRITING”

Review of Gail Gaymer Martin’s new book/Brenda Minton’s new book

Love Inspired’s Christmas Gifts is a very charming book! It consists of two mini-books, one by Gail Gaymer Martin and one by Brenda Minton. I loved both of these books! They truly warmed my heart. The characters and description that both of these authors have created makes you long for more and makes you wantContinue reading “Review of Gail Gaymer Martin’s new book/Brenda Minton’s new book”

Margaret Millmore is featuring me today so I’m sharing the love…

Today I am a featured author on Margaret Millmore’s website: Here is a little info on Margaret and the type of books she writes. I have not read her book, Doppelganger Experiment, which is a psychological thriller, but she tells me that the rating would be PG-13 because there is some language and violence. ButContinue reading “Margaret Millmore is featuring me today so I’m sharing the love…”

Life Everlasting by Robert Whitlow

Robert Whitlow’s book Life Everlasting is the sequel to Life Support, a book in which Baxter Richardson is pushed off of a cliff by his wife, Rena, in the first chapter. Talk about a way to start off a book!!   Life Everlasting picks up where Life Support leaves off — yes, you’re left hanging,Continue reading “Life Everlasting by Robert Whitlow”

Why Do I Write About Purity?

People ask me what To Dance Once More is about. It’s a historical Christian romance. It is set in Victorian-era Florida on a plantation. It’s full of debutante balls and heart-warming love stories. But there is more to this book than that. You see, the main character, Lydia Jane Barrington doesn’t want to be likeContinue reading “Why Do I Write About Purity?”

The Traveler’s Telescope

The Traveler’s Telescope – (Book 2 of the Ruby series)   “I hardly think that’s a laughing matter,” snapped Mrs Pinkus, bustling past the telescope to the attic door. “You haven’t heard the end of this. There are laws against abducting people, you know. And as for this – this – magical paraphernalia,” she said,Continue reading “The Traveler’s Telescope”

To Dance Once More!

My first Inspirational Romance, To Dance Once More, is now available through OakTara! Want a sneak peek? Find the link to the book trailer, the links to purchase the book and a little bit about the main character Lydia Barrington here:

Why this blog?

This is my new blog dedicated solely (well, pretty much) to book publishing. My first novel will release very soon so I’m going to use this blog to share about the book. I have two other novels that I’m waiting to have published and I’m writing a fourth novel now, which is the sequel toContinue reading “Why this blog?”