By Sherri Wilson Johnson


A Prequel Novella

A deadly secret could end more than just her career.

Spa manager Jade Abernathy overhears a sinister murder plot at the Bancroft Inn. The only person she can turn to is Wyatt Foster, the man whose family orchestrated their painful breakup last summer.

As Jade and Wyatt race to unravel the mystery and locate his missing family members, the tension between them reignites. Jade is hesitant to trust the man who once shattered her heart, while Wyatt grows increasingly desperate to keep her safe from the looming danger.

With the clock ticking down to a deadly New Year’s Eve deadline, they must learn to rely on each other before it’s too late. Because if they fail, Jade may be the next victim – and any hope for their future will be extinguished forever.


In this prequel novella to the Jeopardized Reunions series, you will meet three heroines from the books in the series. Enjoy!