Finding More Than You Were Looking For

Twice in two weeks, Jesus helped me find the keys. Before you go thinking I must be the most irresponsible woman in the world to have lost my keys not once but twice, they weren’t my keys and I didn’t misplace them.

The first set belonged to my husband. He’d put them somewhere for safe keeping right before his prostate cancer surgery at the end of April. This set contained his house key, truck key, and church key. He really needed those keys. He’d looked everywhere he knew to look for weeks, but they were nowhere.

The second set of keys belonged to my niece. We were away in the North Georgia mountains for our first ever girl’s getaway this weekend and were about to head out for lunch. But the keys to my niece’s car were nowhere. My daughter, daughter-in-law and me were leaving to come home straight from the restaurant. Not only could we not go to lunch until we found the keys, but we couldn’t leave my sister and niece stranded in the mountains with no way to get home or get to help if they had an emergency.

You never realize how important the keys are until you lose them.

You never feel so lost, stranded, disoriented, and so frustrated as you do when you realize you can’t go anywhere or get into an important place.

The day before I found the first set of lost keys, a new acquaintance, who I’d been in a discussion with about the lost keys, asked me if I’d prayed and asked God to point me to their location. Why I hadn’t already thought of that, I don’t know. I literally pray about everything. I buzz God’s ears all day long every day. I suppose I’ve been so busy lately during my husband’s recovery period that the keys just weren’t top priority, therefore, I hadn’t prayed about them.

That day, as I headed out to visit my grandmother and aunt, I prayed, “Jesus, please point us to the keys. Dan can’t use his vehicle without them.” Dan’s truck was actually not even running at the time. He’d tried to repair it before his surgery to no avail and was ready to try again.

I hopped into my van and sat there for just a moment when I felt the prompting to check the glove compartment.

There they were. Just waiting to be found. Literally less than a minute after I asked Jesus to show me where the keys were.

When we were retracing the steps trying to find my niece’s keys, I went outside and walked the shoreline of the babbling brook behind the cabin. I started my petition to the Lord. He knew how important it was for us to find the keys. I checked the swing, the picnic table, the porch steps–even the fire pit. I walked around the car, looked underneath it, and then felt the prompting to open the back door on the driver’s side. But my daughter-in-law had just looked there, so they couldn’t be there.

Could they?

I opened the door and sure enough, they rested on the edge of the seat just beside the base of the car seat.

How could that be?

I grabbed the keys and ran up the porch steps to the cabin jingling them in the air. “I found them. I found them.” Well, God found them. I proceeded to tell the story of how I’d prayed and found them in less than a minute. Imagine my elation when one by one, everyone proclaimed they’d just prayed as well.


Mic drop.

Seriously, God is so amazing and cares so much about the little things. But let’s be honest here, lost keys aren’t all that little of a thing.

At least 50 times, we all must have said, “Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit.”

Here’s what the Lord revealed to me this morning: the keys aren’t always lost; sometimes they’re just hidden from our line of sight. They’re hidden because He wants us to go looking and digging for them. It’s in the searching that we cling to Him for the answers.

What are the keys in life and what do they unlock? There are so many, and they vary depending upon the person and the place we’re in at that particular moment in time.

The Key to Success

The Key to a Faith-filled Life

The Key to a Happy Marriage

The Key to Parenting Well

The Key to Walking with God

The Key to Good Relationships

The Key to Losing Weight

The Key to Staying Fit

The keys we need are everywhere. But they’re often hidden from us while at the same time in full view to others.

The “key” here (pun intended) is to always search for those keys. When you find them, help others search for and find them. When you find them, use them. When you find them, ask God to show you more things that need unlocking in your life and to show you the keys to doing it.

So what are your lost keys right now? Have you asked God to point you to them? What could you unlock in your life once you find them?

Photo credit: Blue Ridge Mountains

Published by Sherri Wilson Johnson

I am a wife/mother/writer/speaker looking to be used by God!

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