Discover Cedar Key, Florida, the setting of Secrets Among the Cedars!

cedar keySecrets Among the Cedars is set in Cedar Key, Florida, one of my favorite vacation spots. Cedar Key is on the Gulf coast of Florida, down below the Suwannee River. It’s not your typical beach resort. It’s a nature coast with scrubby pines and marshes, lots of dolphins, and the most gorgeous sunsets you will ever see.


We first visited Cedar Key in 2012 after deciding we wanted something different than the usual sugar white beaches and crashing waves of Panama City or Gulf Shores. Now I still love those places and love to drift back to my childhood of summer vacations at the beach, but Cedar Key was a refreshing, lazy type of place to start some new family traditions–just the two of us and Posey.HPIM9037

We returned to Cedar Key in June of this year after our son’s wedding to relax and for me to do more research for the book. I fell in love again with this quaint town, the people, and the fresh perspective its scenery and attractions gave me for my book.

20150617_105237Only about 700 people live there and everyone you meet is super friendly. There isn’t a lot to do there except to relax, rent a kayak and scoot over to one of the other islands, enjoy the dolphins, and eat. The Island Trading Post has the best ice cream and I highly recommend you eating some of it every day. If you walk to town and walk down to the pier, you’ll burn off the calories anyway, so what can it hurt? Right?


Below are a few pictures of some of the places I used in the book:

Here’s a picture of one of the pavilions at the city park where Kathryn does some plotting to solve her case.


Here’s a shot of me and Dan from the pier where some very exciting things happen in the book!


Here’s the grocery store where Kathryn discovers a few things about her case.

And now for a few sunset pictures! These are taken with my cell phone so the quality isn’t that great, but enough to intrigue you and hopefully make you want to visit Cedar Key soon.

20150616_200936     20150616_201849    20150618_204731
Now if you’re in the mood for a romantic suspense set in Cedar Key, check out Secrets Among the Cedars. It’s available for $.99 this weekend on Kindle and also in print. This is a temporary price reduction.  Song of the Meadowlark, book one in this series, is FREE on Kindle this weekend, so don’t miss your chance to get both book for an incredible $.99! Limited time offer.

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