365 Days of God’s #Promises — Day 51 #365daysofGodspromises #faith #Godisgood

I’ve focused my blog this year on God’s promises and used photography and scripture to create visuals for you. These promises are things we can all be thankful for. Today, a friend and fellow author, Robin E. Mason, is guest appearing. She’s here to share about the things she is thankful for.

Welcome Robin!

A few weeks ago, I was reading another blog [incidentally written by another Robin] and she listed things in her life she is thankful for. Now, the way my brain works, I immediately was challenged to do the same. And the way my [ahem] discipline works, I did not immediately follow through.

Give thanks with a grateful heart, He tells us. And a merry, and I say, thankful heart, doeth good like a medicine! I know, I’ve taken a dose or two. Giving thanks places our focus on Him, rather than on ourselves, or even what we are thankful for. And when we keep Him in mind, we can hear His voice, we are sensitive to His nudge and direction. We feel His embrace. And maybe that’s the greatest thankful of all, His presence.

Here, for your benefit – because I have the benefit of these blessings every day – is my list:


A – Amethyst; also Art

B – Bible, and Boldness

C – Cinnamon! and of course, Chocolate!

D – Devotional time with Father

E – Epiphany Revelations


F – Family and Friends; Faith

G – Grandgirls

H – Home

I – Identity (see Epiphany); also Irises

J  – Journey (see Identity


K – Kitty Cats

L – Learning and Laughter

M – Music

N – New beginnings

O – Opportunities, God given = Divine favor

P – Purple!  also [we are a] Peculiar People; also Piano


Q – Queen Anne’s Lace [special time and place]

R – robin birds of course!

S – Scripture!  also Symphony

T – Trees; and Trivia – factoids that may or may not be useless except in context of my story!

U – Unsung heroes


V – Victory

W – Writing and Words

X – eXamples of Godly character

Y – YES and AMEN

Z – Zoe – Greek word for life

NOTE: unless otherwise notated, all images are found on http://publicdomainpictures.net/ or http://pixabay.com/.

Also, I did not find an image to convey Zoe (Life) so I went with some whimsy – a zebra!

Now, what is your Alphabet of Thanks?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Thanks, Robin, for joining us today! Everyone, leave a comment below to share your thanks!

You can find out more about Robin at the links below.







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I am a wife/mother/writer/speaker looking to be used by God!

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