Thornton in My Side (#JaneAusten Upside Down 2)

Introducing Thornton in My Side (Jane Austen Upside Down 2): A Pride and Prejudice Meets North and South Parody (An Antebellum Novelette) by Jan Thompson! If you want to be entertained, check this book out!

JAUD-Thornton07-Keep-SM-tinyOut of character, out of place, out of time period, Elizabeth Bennet is away from home, away from Hertfordshire in Regency England and retrenched to Deep South antebellum Georgia where she comes to fisticuffs with a new Mr. Darcy by the name of Mr. Thornton, who himself is no longer in the northern English town of Milton. 
Say what? Where? 
Well, Elizabeth finds herself crossing the line when she has to choose sides. Should she stand with the cotton plantation slaves and abolitionists or should she favor plantation owner Thornton and his fierce mother? Does Elizabeth survive the American Civil War but lose the battle for Thornton’s love and affections? 
The THORNTON IN MY SIDE novelette is the second parody in my JANE AUSTEN UPSIDE DOWN collection.
Jane Austen Upside Down 1: A Persuasion Parody 
A Regency Short Story 
Jane Austen Upside Down 2: Thornton in My Side 
An Antebellum Novelette

Published by Sherri Wilson Johnson

I am a wife/mother/writer/speaker looking to be used by God!

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