My Titus 2 Project for the New Year!

To end 2013, I offer you another installment of my Titus 2 Project. The Introduction and Part One are up and available for you to read, if you’re bored tonight! If not, Happy New Year and happy reading!

Last month, I introduced you to the women in my family who have inspired me and guided me on my Christian walk. This month, I want to talk about the ladies who are my friends. Of course, I can only name a few because the list would go on and on if I tried to name each and every one of the women who have been an influence in my life.

The Bible says in Titus 2 that older women are to teach the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign (criticize) the word of God. I strive daily to be like this (although I fall short on most days) and I’m always seeking out women who exemplify this.

The great thing about a Titus 2 woman is that she doesn’t necessarily have to be older than you to be an influence on your life. She can be younger but someone who is further along in her life stages than you.

We’re obviously not that good of friends because I can’t find any recent pics of us together! Here she is with her hubby!

My thicker-than-thieves sister-friend, Lisa, hasn’t been a Christian as long as I have been but she is one of the biggest encouragers I know. She refuses to believe that God won’t finish his work in either one of us. We’ve been through thick and thin with each other, kind of like a marriage—through sickness and health, richness and poverty. (Literally, she almost died in 2010!) Our story is in the latest Jane Seymour’s Open Hearts Family book! I don’t know where I’d be without the love of this woman!

My friend, Kim, is another great Titus 2 woman! She is a mother of eight. We’re about the same age (although neither of us would admit publicly just how old that is).

This is Kim. Warrior and friend!
This is Kim. Warrior and friend!

I’ve always considered her as much farther along in the road of life than me as far as motherhood and marriage are concerned. She has always offered me encouragement and inspiration and sometimes plain old honesty. There were times I needed a little slap on the back or slap on the face and she was always there to do that for me. I couldn’t have made it through my homeschool years without her.

These are just two of the ladies who I bonded with during my homeschool years. There are quite a few more that I’ve coffee-d with and solved life’s problems with. Each one has brought her own unique Titus-2-ness to the table.

The team. We're dangerous when we get together!
The team. We’re dangerous when we get together!

Now onto my friends at church! I’ve been part of this church since February 2012. It feels like I’ve always been a part of this body of believers. These people are awesome. They have helped me grow. Helped me change. Helped me (pushed me, haha!) to serve. They are so encouraging to me.

There’s a few of them that I serve on the Women’s Ministry Team with. They are blunt with me when I misbehave. They correct me and guide me along the way. And they make me wear a tiara with purple jewels in it on my birthday—just because they know I’m not a tiara-wearing kind of girl. I love it! We have schemed up some beautiful ideas for the church ladies and I hope we can scheme up a million more together!

Here I am with my songbird and Queen bee serving at Stop Hunger Now!
Here I am with my songbird and Queen bee serving at Stop Hunger Now!

Several of my peeps have earned nicknames like my friend, Robin. She’s my songbird on some days and on others she’s my Rebel-Rousing Robin. Another friend is my Hillbilly from West Virginia/my Queen-bee. You know who you are!! These ladies keep me laughing and smiling and let me talk smack without judging me. They are the greatest!!

One thing that’s for certain is when you have a friend to guide you along your Christian walk, someone who encourages you and who also seeks Godly advice from you, you realize that you’re a Titus 2 woman to someone, too! That’s what it’s all about. Giving and taking. Iron sharpening iron. Helping others water and weed their gardens, knowing they will do the same for you.

Okay, so you’re it! Start 2014 off with a bang. Go find someone who is a Titus 2 woman in your life and let her know it!

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I am a wife/mother/writer/speaker looking to be used by God!

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