Scotland, Food, Romance, God–Four Greats, One Novel. Five Days in Skye

Didn’t manage that Scotland get-away this summer? No worries. You can travel there now, through the pages of Laureano’s latest novel, Five Days in Skye.

A recent COTT clash participant, this “delicious” romance is a whirlwind trip you won’t want to miss!

Five Days in Skye 

by Carla Laureano

About Five Days in Skye

Hospitality consultant Andrea Sullivan has one last chance

to snag a high-profile client or she’ll have to kiss her dreams of promotion

good-bye. When she’s sent to meet Scottish celebrity chef James MacDonald on

the Isle of Skye, she just wants to finish her work as efficiently as possible.

Yet her client is not the opportunistic womanizer he portrays himself to be,

and her attraction to him soon dredges up memories she’d rather leave buried.

For James, renovating the family hotel is a fulfillment of

his late father’s dreams. When his hired consultant turns out to be beautiful,

intelligent, and completely unimpressed by his public persona, he makes it his

mission to win her over. He just never expects to fall under her spell.

Soon, both Andrea and James must face the reality that God may have a far

different purpose for their lives—and that five days in Skye will forever

change their outlook on life and love.

About the Author

Carla Laureano has held many job titles–professional

marketer, small business consultant, and martial arts instructor–but writer is

by far her favorite. She currently lives in Denver with her patient husband and

two rambunctious sons, who know only that Mom’s work involves lots of coffee

and talking to imaginary people.

Carla spends her free time hanging out on her blog and

social media. Connect with her here:

What People Are Saying

“Five Days in Skye is at turns sweet and scathing,

lush and intimate… This story has guts and heart as well as the depth and

heat necessary to satisfy any romance reader’s palate.” – Serena Chase, USA Today


“What a delicious discovery! Carla Laureano’s Five Days in Skye swept me away to the Scottish

Isles and into the wounded hearts of the impeccably cool Andrea Sullivan and

the charismatic charmer Jamie MacDonald. This is a romance to savour from

beginning to end. The funny and feisty first interaction between this pair

sucks you in and as the story and characters develop you will have no desire to

leave as they wrestle with doubts, prejudice, preconceptions, and sparkling

attraction. What I loved most was the substance to this story – this is no

marshmallow romance – but a love story that is intriguing and real… In

a world replete with romantic clichés, Carla’s writing is so very

refreshing!” – Rel Mollet, Relz Reviewz

“The storytelling, characters, and

setting all served to drag me so deeply into the world of Skye that for days

after finishing the book I felt a huge, gaping hole… If you love exotic places,

larger-than-life leading men, and romances that warm you to your very core, Five Days in Skye is the perfect getaway

for a hot summer afternoon. Prepare yourself to read late into the evening and

night as putting down the novel will be next to impossible.” – Elizabeth

Olmedo, Radiant Lit

“From the sceneries, to the refined cuisine, every detail of

the land is sketched with precision and care, embarking readers on an

unforgettable journey that will leave them breathless for more. Laureano not

only seems to have a knack for breathing life into a place few of us truly

know, but also for breathing life into characters that will take you by the

hand and run away with you.”—Amazon reader review

“The setting was inviting and gorgeous. The characters,

especially the hero, felt real and had fully-rounded back stories. Of course,

there was a lot of chemistry and fun, but I was drawn in by the deeper themes

of making peace with the past and trusting God with the future as well.”

–Amazon reader review

“While I was reveling in luscious details and having a grand

time, Laureano managed to remind me that life is about more than working hard

to earn good things. Taking a moment to breathe, to lift your head and

appreciate creation, to let go of mistakes you’ve made and allow people to love

you–all these gems are embedded in the pages of Five Days in Skye. You’ll come

away from this novel refreshed and craving good food, good times and the

company of loved ones.” –Amazon reader review

Published by Sherri Wilson Johnson

I am a wife/mother/writer/speaker looking to be used by God!

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