Too Good to be Fiction – A Mother’s Nightmare

4295_79887348582_2169551_nToday is the four-year anniversary of my daughter’s car accident that resulted in a broken back, concussion, and the loss of a front tooth. Our lives came to a screeching halt that night. It’s a phone call you never want to get.

When we arrived at the scene and saw her fully restored (by her daddy) 1972 VW Beetle in Sunburst Yellow smashed, her dreams of sporting around in it all summer long shattered, my heart flew out of my chest about as fast as my husband bolted out of my moving car. He had to get to her and NOW wasn’t soon enough.5609_100633898582_5786446_n

We learned within moments that she would not be going to the local hospital but would instead be life-flighted to an Atlanta hospital because it was the only one with the trauma unit at the level she needed–the trauma unit for spinal injuries. What? Visions for her dancing with her daddy at her wedding, and the fact that that may never happen, danced through my head. 4295_79887358582_7746555_n

As we waited in the waiting room, along with approximately eighty of her friends (yes, I said eighty!), prayers went up begging God for his protection on her spine and claiming full healing. 5609_100638048582_6591257_nThat wait that seems like days before you can get into the ICU to see your baby’s face was grueling. But we finally got to see her and we waited with her to see if she was going to have to have back surgery for her broken back.

By the third day, her spirits had lifted, she’d been fitted with her back brace, and other than our concerns for her front teeth which were knocked around a bit, she was stable and able to move her legs fully. So we were thankful for that.

4341_85693141850_3011669_nAfter the fourth day, she was able to come home. Six weeks on bed rest and three months in a back brace. Can I tell you that for an eighteen year old, this was not fun? It wasn’t much fun for us either. But I must say that I enjoyed every moment of having my busy girl home with me. The house stayed packed with friends and there were constant phone calls, emails, FB messages reminding us of the prayers that were being sent up to God.

When you are finished reading this, I want you to read my daughter’s testimony that she wrote a few months after her accident and see what God taught her during her rehabilitation. One thing that she talks about is the angel that was in the car with her. The one that took of the brunt of the force from the accident. Proof? 5609_100638053582_7661217_nThe windshield on the passenger’s side was shattered like a head hit it and the seat was broken as if someone was in it. When we heard this from the wrecker guy, my entire body shook at the realization that my son had almost decided to ride with his sister that night but had decided instead to stay home. He would have been in that seat and most assuredly would have hit the windshield with his head. My precious only son! I am so thankful that God did not ask for the sacrifice of my only son that night. I am equally as thankful for the sacrifice He made so long ago of His only SON. Jesus! Thank you, Jesus, for protecting my children that night and for allowing them to have a little bit more time here on this earth to serve you.

Some things I learned during that time:

God will do whatever He needs to do to get your attention.

He wants to be King and Lord of your life.

Our lives are not our own. We are here to point people to Jesus. We must let every season and circumstance be an opportunity to tell others of him.

Our children are given to us on loan. They do not belong to us. We are to raise them according to the Lord, love them, cherish them, and be ready to give them up if we have to.

When you pray the prayer of Jabez and ask God to enlarge your territory, be prepared for it to include a hospital and numerous doctors offices.

My daughter is now fully restored and serving the Lord in her church and through her photography business. My son is on staff at his church and serving the Lord. Praise God!

This story is too good to be fiction!

Published by Sherri Wilson Johnson

I am a wife/mother/writer/speaker looking to be used by God!

12 thoughts on “Too Good to be Fiction – A Mother’s Nightmare

  1. I’m very grateful your daughter is doing well now and that she’s blessed with so many friends. Loved both your testimonies, very compelling! God is awesome!

      1. Thank you for sharing! Tell your daughter that I’m very glad that she’s okay and that she turned toward and not away! I thanked God for holding your family close.

  2. Sherri, what a wonderful story of God’s protection! I was nearly killed in a VW when the passenger side I was sitting in was broadsided. It took the jaws of life to get me out. My entire life flashed before me. I still have pain every day on my right side, but my life was spared…maybe to write novels for Him? Thanks for sharing. I’ll go read your daughter’s story. I’m certain an angel protected her. Hugs!

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