FINDING CHRISTMAS by Gail Gaymer Martin

1112-9780373787418-bigwFinding Christmas by Gail Gaymer Martin is not the Christmas story I expected. I expected a sweet love story and was pleasantly surprised and immediately drawn in to a story of suspense, heartache, and forgiveness. I do believe this is my favorite Gail Martin book yet!

The story starts out with Joanna, a widow, who is “hearing” her dead daughter’s voice crying out for her. Her co-workers and friends think maybe she’s a little kooky or just stressing out because the Holidays are upon her. But she knows her heart and can’t put the feeling aside that her daughter is alive. When she begins to receive phone calls that confirm her suspicions, it’s all she can do to make it through her workdays without letting things consume her. Her old friend, Benjamin, has returned to town with a secret he cannot share with her yet. He wants to help her forget about the things that trouble her but even he can’t dismiss the strange phone calls as a hoax. Together they attempt to figure out the mystery behind the calls and they learn to depend upon each other whether they ever discover the truth behind her husband’s and her daughter’s deaths.

There were so many surprising twists in this book that caught me off guard. I couldn’t put this one down. It’s definitely a page-turner. It would make a great gift for someone’s stocking.

This book is a re-release and is not available in stores. You can order it from the publisher for $4.60 though! OR you can call their Customer Service toll free at 1-800-873-8635 from 7 am to 11 pm Eastern Time to order the title.

ISBN: 9780373787418

Published by Sherri Wilson Johnson

I am a wife/mother/writer/speaker looking to be used by God!

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