Why I like the bearded guys of #DuckDynasty…

Grace Digest

What has become a hit show on the A&E Network features a group of unusual characters that could not have been cast by a Hollywood professional and dialogue that could not have been scripted by the best writers.

The show features Phil Robertson, the Duckcommander, his extended family, and a few friends and employees of the family business. After winning all the best awards at the Outdoor Channel with the Duckcommander show, they have taken cable by storm and are quickly rising to one of the top shows on cable. It is an unlikely bunch to enjoy such fame and to amass such a loyal fan following. They are not entertainers, at least not trained entertainers, they are just…well….they are just the Robertson bunch.

Most of the above is what you probably already knew. Now for some things you probably didn’t know.

Just how popular are they? Recently, CNN’s Anderson…

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