Days With Jesus by Jim Jackson

Days With Jesus by Jim Jackson is a “docuvotional” study of the book of John with compelling evidence that Jesus is Lord! A pastor, Jim’s tone is friendly and engaging. Jim’s voice is youthful and inviting but not so trendy that older adults wouldn’t enjoy him. He shares his life with readers and shows them that he’s human. He talks about scientific things as well as spiritual things to make the whole puzzle fit together. The scripture references that he used are listed at the end of each day’s study so you can go back and read them. I recommend always doing that so you’ll know what you read in the devotional is correct. Jim encourages you to use a translation of the Bible that suits you best so that you can grasp the full understanding of the study. He includes visual aids in this study and I liked being able to look at a map or a photo and see what he was talking about. I loved the corresponding videos available on his website. They are informational and the quality is superb. That makes a big difference to me. Jim includes thought-provoking questions at the end of the day and an FYI section in case you don’t understand something he mentioned. Most important to me are the quality of the writing and the theological soundness of the study itself. It doesn’t matter what flashy things you have to offer if the study is not accurate and not written well. This study offers both of those things. Jim has done a fantastic job of communicating through this 31-day devotional/documentary exactly who Jesus is and why we should ask Him to be Lord of our lives. Jim asked me to review this study and provided me with a complimentary copy of it. I highly recommend Days With Jesus.

Published by Sherri Wilson Johnson

I am a wife/mother/writer/speaker looking to be used by God!

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