Christian Romantic Suspense with a Southern Flair

Sherri Wilson Johnson

You’ve probably found your way here because you love romantic or suspenseful stories–or both! Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Sherri Wilson Johnson has always been a sucker for a good love story–whether it’s real life or fiction, historical or modern day. She began writing Christian Romance when she was only eighteen years old, and eventually found her way to her favorite genre, Contemporary Romantic Suspense.

She loves helping people find love one crime at a time!

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By Sherri Wilson Johnson


A Prequel Novella

She overheard a secret that could get her fired…or worse!

Jade Abernathy, Spa Manager at the Bancroft Inn and Spa on Mobile Bay, overheard something she should never have heard—a murder plot. The only person she could trust can’t be trusted because his family members are involved in the secret, and he’d never believe her anyway. Why would he when his mother orchestrated their breakup last summer and he allowed it to happen?

Wyatt Foster, Director of Purchasing at his family’s inn, can’t locate any of his family members, and he’s doing everyone’s jobs in preparation for the New Year’s Eve fireworks display. To make matters worse, some of the fireworks are missing.

When Wyatt collides with a distraught Jade, his instincts kick in to protect her. But she won’t confide in him. Can Wyatt convince her he’s safe, even though he wouldn’t blame her if she shut him out of her life?

Together, the two must learn to trust each other if they are ever to save the family business and prevent a murder. If it’s not already too late.


In this prequel novella to the Jeopardized Reunions series, you will meet the heroines in the first three books of the series. Enjoy!

Published Books

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Christian Romantic Suspense Books in the Jeopardized Reunions Series

It was just a weekend reunion among old friends. How did it turn so deadly?

Naomi Summers may never live to see her dreams come true.

Renovating the old family home and living on the quiet Magnolia River in Magnolia Springs, Alabama sounded perfect to Shaun Bartley. 

He wants to protect her. She wants to protect him. A powerful man with dark secrets may kill them both.

More About Desolate Escape

Dr. Lacey Elrod is the first-ever medical examiner for her hometown, a place that should be safe from serial killers. But when someone murders one of her high school best friends on the morning of the wedding of two other friends, Lacey must trust U.S. Fish and Wildlife Officer Matthew Flick, the man she left fourteen years ago, to keep her safe and help her find the Dunes Killer before he strikes again.

More About Dangerous Inheritance

After psychologist Naomi Summers becomes legal guardian of her murdered best friend’s daughter and estate, her dreams for a restorative retreat seem achievable. But someone has other plans for her. When her former boyfriend, Detective Max Lexington, is her only hope of survival, Naomi has to trust him. But can he ever trust the woman who abandoned him seven years ago?

More About Unfortunate Homecoming

Renovating the old family home and living on the quiet Magnolia River in Magnolia Springs, Alabama sounded perfect to Shaun Bartley. But when trespassing treasure hunters threaten not only his life but his ex-wife’s life too, will he fight for what is his or forfeit the fortune in order to save their lives?

After ten years on the Okefenokee Swamp as a fishing guide, Shaun Bartley returns home to conduct tours on the Magnolia River and to renovate his great great-grandfather’s old home. When Deputy Fire Marshal and volunteer fire fighter Sierra Beaumont, Shaun’s ex-wife, warns him about deadly treasure hunters who will kill for a chance to explore his property, he thinks she’s trying to run him out of town. When he discovers she’s pregnant with twins by her recently deceased second husband, Shaun can’t help but want to be there for her. But Sierra’s heart has been broken twice, and she’d rather raise the children alone than be abandoned again.

Shaun must deal with his past and find a way for Sierra to forgive him or risk losing any chance he may have at winning back her heart. Since keeping her safe means keeping her far from his home and the trespassers, yet she is the Fire Marshal assigned to his case, it will take a miracle for them to survive.

More About Endangered Refuge

He wants to protect her. She wants to protect him. A powerful man with dark secrets may kill them both.

Undercover U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agent Dallas Heath has infiltrated one of the largest big cat illegal trading rings in the States. Now he must unearth vital evidence to bring down kingpin Mitchell Avery before the next litter of cubs crosses state lines. Multiple failed attempts have cost Dallas time and progress, and now he’s threatened with being pulled off the case. The clock is ticking for this seasoned officer. It doesn’t help that a life which includes deception and being apart from the only woman he’s ever loved makes him doubt if undercover work is for him.

Special Agent Elyse Bradford has spent the last three months undercover living next door to Mitchell Avery posing as a woman of great means and vying for an invite to one of his big cat auctions, to which only the most serious and authenticated buyers are invited. If only she could confide in her best friend and fellow agent Dallas, maybe he could help her devise a plan before her cover is blown.

If they’d been assigned to work the case together, they’d have already brought Avery’s organization down. But Dallas is working undercover somewhere too. Since they can’t share the details of their missions or their locations with each other, the former partners—torn apart by assignments too many times—must find another way.

After a strange twist of events propels them together again, hope’s flame flickers…until word spreads of a mole—either in Avery’s organization or within the USFWS. And now neither one knows who to trust. Can they even trust each other when they’ve been apart for so many years?

On a backdrop of Mobile Bay on the Gulf coast, Dallas and Elyse fight to save endangered tigers, keep their covers intact and bring down an enemy whose reach is far beyond what anyone imagined. After tensions rise and tempers flare—coupled with lies and manipulation from all around—they could lose everything they’ve worked for. Including each other.

Will they succeed on their mission without ripping apart their shot at a future together?


I’ve never read anything by Sherri Johnson before, but I will now! This book is filled with constant danger, forgiveness and clean romance. There are very few books that I read and can’t decide how they’ll end, but this is one of them!

– Ginny, Amazon reviewer (review of desolate escape)


Chock full of suspense, this book was a page turner. I liked the mystery, the romance was just right, and the story is more plot or character driven.

– Amazon reviewer (review of unfortunate homecoming)


Always looking for suspense and romance but so hard to find good clean writing…This author didn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to read her next book!

– Suzie P., Amazon reviewer (review of desolate escape)


So if you enjoy stories filled with finding faith, surviving danger, and discovering family secrets, check out this book for yourself.

– Patti P., Amazon reviewer (review of unfortunate homecoming)


You don’t have to wonder if this book is action packed because the action starts immediately.

– Laura, Amazon reviewer (review of dangerous inheritance)


Real, sweet relationships and believable love ~ They don’t just magically fall in love. They fight to better themselves and earn each others’ love and that is so much better than the books that unrealistically “can’t stay away from each other” for no good reason.

– Gills, Amazon reviewer (review of dangerous inheritance)

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