44416_425780363582_7002135_nDo you need a speaker for your event?

Sherri is part of the Choose Now Ministries Speaker Team and just might be the Southern gal you’re looking for.

She speaks on a variety of topics and anything faith-related.

For writers groups, she shares her writing journey.

Although she no longer homeschools, inspiring homeschooling moms remains one of her favorite things to do. She’s also passionate about helping parents raise kids who strive to remain pure until they marry.

Since Sherri has lived on a budget for most of her life, she loves to help others set goals to become debt-free (or to never become indebted to begin with).

Sherri has lost both of her parents, so grief is something she’s had to deal with. If she can help others recover from grief, she’s happy to do it!

You name it. She might be able to speak on it.

If you are interested in booking Sherri, fill out the below contact form.


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